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We listen and tailor our advice to your specific needs.

Experience.  We are a qualified Food Technologist / Food Scientist with over 25 years in the food manufacturing industry in several commodities in the areas of research and development, food safety, food auditing, legislation, and training.

Concept to life.  We have been working extensively with small to medium enterprises and start-up entrepreneurs from a broad range of food industries, bringing their new concept to life by providing technical advice in:  formulation development, process development, packaging development, labelling development and compliance, and shelf life / product stability.

Simplify the confusing.  We have taken out the guesswork for you.  With our many years of experience, we have narrowed down our service offerings to a selection of tasks necessary for a micro, small or medium food enterprises to succeed.

Is this product legal and viable?  With our legislative reviews, we can quickly identify for you whether your chosen ingredients are legally able to be used in your product.  This allows you to make some business decisions about how to proceed with your project prior to spending too much money on the idea.

How safe is my product?  We use our food safety knowledge, combined with our food technology skills, to ensure your product formula and chosen process, will ultimately produce a product that is safe to consume.

Part or all.  Our fees are geared for small to medium enterprises and are budget friendly.  We can assist you with your entire project or a specific area, that is up to you, as we are happy to help anyway we can.


Qualified & Experienced

HACCP Specialist / Champion

Legislative Specialist

Member of industry associations

Options to suit all budgets

Food safety focus

Workplace trainer

Qualified food safety auditor

Research & development

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