Food Safety

Did you know that food safety breaches and Product Recalls can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars in lost revenue and even close your business down?  Many businesses neglect to manage all their food safety risks and often fall into the trap of not prioritising food safety as part of their business practices.  Food safety breaches can cost companies thousands of dollars in fines, lost revenue and damaged reputation.

Our food legislation requires you to have a food safety program in place that identifies all hazards in your process that pose a risk of food safety to your product and that you implement control measures to minimise these risks from occurring.

We can review your current practices, and amend your system to reflect ensuring it meets all the relevant legislative requirements.

We can build you a food safety plan that meets the FSANZ Primary Production Standards managed and enforced by the state regulatory bodies like Safe Food Production Qld.

We can tailor make you a cost effective, easy to understand, food safety program that will work for your site / processes.

We have built systems for catering facilities, manufacturers, mobile food vans, market stall holders, coffee and café providers, teaching facilities, Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), farmers, pack houses, and school canteens.

We are familiar with all food safety programs and can build the program around your specific requirements or your customer’s requirements.

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