New to Food Manufacturing

Are you new to food manufacturing?  Never worked with food products before and don’t know where to start?

How can we help you?
 Here are some solutions on for getting your food business started.

Initial consultation / Obtaining a food licence – Learn about all the food legal requirements your food business needs to address prior to starting your new venture.  Clear up all those unanswered questions you may have about commencing a potential new food business or obtaining a food licence.

Document Kit – All the forms you will need (up to 20 customised forms) for logging vital information about your products and processes to get a food business started including such areas as Cleaning, Suppliers, Receivals, Training, Recall, Temperature control (to name only a few).

Food Safety Program – everything you require in your food safety program, including forms, procedures, hazard identification and control.

Label compliance / assessment – We can review your labels prior to print to ensure they are compliant to the food labelling legislation.  This will save you thousands of dollars in reprinting the labels if they are found to be in breach of the food labelling legislation.

Shelf Life assistance – We can develop a testing plan for you to verify your product will last its shelf life.

Manufacturing assistance – all the help you need with setting up processing area, equipment layouts, cross contamination prevention, shelf life and validation studies, and so much more……

Importing food into Australia – we can review your product against our food legislation and determine whether your product can be legally imported into Australia.

Let’s start this journey together and guide you to success.

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